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How do I know if we’ll be a good fit?

Oh Joyful Day clients are excited about their weddings, but more excited about their marriages. They love the little details and incorporating who they are into their weddings, and they place their full trust in their wedding vendors to make magic for their wedding. They see the value in beautiful stationery, and see it as an heirloom that they will be showing their grandkids in the future.


What if I have no idea what I want for my invitations?

That’s why working with a stationer is perfect for you! There are so many places to scroll through invitations, plug in your details, and wait for them to arrive. Working with me means that you tell me about your story, your overall wedding vision, and let me handle the rest! I’ll gather details to make sure we’re on the same page throughout the entire process, and you have plenty of opportunities to provide feedback to make sure you end up with your dream stationery!


How do I book your services?

Head to the Contact page, fill out the brief questionnaire, and I’ll send you a follow-up questionnaire that is more in-depth so I can get a complete idea of what your needs are, budget, etc. From there I’ll send a proposal, and once it is signed and your deposit is made I get to work!


Can I book you if I’m not local to Pittsburgh?

Absolutely! The beauty of being a wedding stationer is that I can ship pieces anywhere! I love Pittsburgh, but I’ve gotten to be part of such beautiful weddings elsewhere!


What’s the difference between custom and semi-custom invitations?

Custom invitations have a higher price point and offer more opportunities for personalization and customization (just like the name says)! These suites are made just for you, from the beginning. You have creative control (to an extent) and we work together to make sure your pieces fit your wedding absolutely perfectly!
Semi-custom invitations aren’t as costly because they require less work on my end. They are designs that are already made, and I change your details and colors to fit your wedding day. They are a great way to work with me if your budget doesn’t have room for custom stationery.


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