I'm Victoria Carpenter! I'm a just-outside-of-Pittsburgh artist, designer, and stationer that finds joy in all the little things. I'm an introverted, puppy-loving, champagne-sipping, nap-taking, self-taught artist with a heart for creating and encouraging others.

Oh Joyful Day was born after my own wedding in June of 2015. it was then that I realized my love for creating and celebrating people could work together to make my dream job. As a self-taught artist and designer, my greatest hope is to create pieces that accurately represent and celebrate who you are and your love story in a unique and thoughtful way.

Most days you'll find me in sweatpants at my turquoise colored antique craft table, painting or designing, sipping on a lukewarm cup of decaf coffee, and watching something on Netflix that I'm probably seeing for the tenth time. 

When it comes to the things I create, my hope is that I can offer joy and authenticity, while celebrating every tiny moment of the process. I adore working with clients to create products that celebrate their personalities and heart behind their event. I love bright colors and whimsical artwork, and it's my desire to offer a heartfelt experience through art and stationery.

Because I started my business after experiencing such joy from my own wedding, it's important to me that my couples and clients experience that same joy in their wedding planning process. I believe that each of my couples should be cared for and celebrated equally, regardless of who they love or how they identify.